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hazardgan 17-04-2020 10:40 AM

Singapore Recruitment Consultant & Corporate Services
Who are we?
We are one of the top recruitment agencies in Singapore for foreigners and locals. If you are looking for an employment opportunity in Singapore, then choosing Ren Ai Group is the best choice! We help job seekers like you to find the job of your dreams. For the hiring company, they will be getting the best talent that match their requirement, therefore it is a Win-Win situation for both the employers and potential employees.

What Corporate Services Do We Offer Other Than Recruitment?

Other than matching the best talents to our client partners in Singapore, we also offer other corporate outsourced services such as payroll outsourcing singapore and hr shared services Singapore. If you are working as a HR Manager and looking forward to source for foreign manpower with middle to low-skills, then choosing Ren Ai Group will be your best choice because we can help you to supply the much needed labour and apply for S-Pass for your workers on your behalf. We also help many foreigners with their Employment Pass (EP) and EntrePass (EP) application as well.

Recruitment Services / Recruitment Consultant:


Payroll Outsourcing Services

HR Shared Services

How can I Contact You?

You can always reach out to us at our official website or you may visit our Contact Us page for more details.

Tel: +65 6493 2970
Mobile: +65 9769 3066
Email: info@renaigroup.asia

racheltan 13-05-2020 10:58 AM

Sgpayroll Pun Engak Bagus Ya?
Hi Salam,

Sgpayroll Singapura pun baik juga yea? Dia juga cover servis yang sama persis Ren Ai Group seperti:

1) payroll outsourcing services
2) employment pass application
3) work permit application
4) recruitment agency singapore
5) s pass application

Bisanya kalau tanya baik baik dengan konsultan mereka, kita akan dapat diskaun 10%. Sekian!

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